KitKat Flavours That Only Exist in Japan

So many exotic types to choose from.

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KitKat Flavours That Only Exist in Japan

KitKat has made Japan its testing ground for many of its flavours. What started out as just a simple chocolate wafer snack has now ballooned into so many weird and wonderful flavours. Some of these KitKat flavours were only available for a short season, while others have become a mainstay.

The flavours that did well were soon marketed in countries beyond Japan. However, Japan remains the place where KitKat puts out its wildest ideas, in the hopes that it will succeed. Here are some of these outrageous flavours:

1. Ginger Ale

via Ged Carroll @ Flickr


2. Baked Pudding

via Cory Doctorow @ Flickr


3. Nagano Prefecture Roasted Red Chili

via Bodo @Flickr


4. Pear

via Kotaku


5. Edamame Beans

via Kotaku


6. Wasabi



7. Rum Raisin

via Bodo @ Flickr


8. Strawberry Cheesecake

via Amazon


9. Sakura Matcha

via JP Info

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