Kongregate is Set to Be the Next Biggest Name in Mobile Gaming

It has surpassed the 100 million game download mark.

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Kongregate is Set to Be the Next Biggest Name in Mobile Gaming

Kongregate isn't your typical big name mobile gaming company or video gaming company. In fact, they're only a division of game retailer GameStop. This is why it's really amazing news that their humble array of mobile games has gotten more than 100 million downloads.

Kongregate was founded by the brother and sister team of Jim and Emily Greer in 2006, and by 2010 has sold the company to GameStop. Jim has since left the company but Emily is still there as the president of Kongregate. 

Some of their hit games include AdVenture Capitalist which is a capitalism simulator, and the collectible card game Animation Card Game: The Quest for Cards. 

Kongregate's first mobile game was released in 2013, and called Tyrant Unleashed that they developed in collaboration with Synapse games. Since then they've created more than 30 mobile game titles for both iOS and Android. 

Apart from the titles mentioned above, Kongregate's other games that did very well on the market included BattleHand and Peter Molyneux' The Trail.

A big congratulations to Kongregate and here's to more great adventure games from a game company that's set to become one of the most recognized.

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