Korean Company Soft Launches 'Puzzle Knights' in 5 Countries

Smilegate Megaport announces match-3 adventure game. 

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Korean Company Soft Launches 'Puzzle Knights' in 5 Countries

Korean company SmileGate Megaport has now soft launched 'Puzzle Knights' in five countries ahead of its official launch. These five countries include Canada, Spain, India, Singapore and Argentina.

The soft launch period is meant for players to give certain feedback so that Smilegate will be able improve the game and tie up any last minute bugs before officially launching in more countries by November 2017.

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The game follows the journey of two knights who will have to solve a series of match 3 puzzles in order to complete levels.

The game's design in ethereal  and it features a beautiful map with options to allow players to collect pets and skins. All match 3 games take place in real time and players use it to deal with monsters, gates, shields and chests.

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SmileGate plans to translate the game into 13 languages for the international market.

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