Korean English Language Game WarReign Opens for Pre-Registration

A three sided fantasy strategy game.

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Korean English Language Game WarReign Opens for Pre-Registration

Korean based Smilegate Megaport has now opened their new game WarReign for pre-registration through its official game website. You can visit the website whether you're on iOS or Android and register yourself for updates and freebies until the official release of the game slated for the end of October 2017.

Smilegate signed a working contract with Red Sahara Studios in April 2017 in order to publish this game that they were working on. WarReign is a fantasy strategy where you can play as either one of three races, namely Elves, Humans and the Undead.

Each race has its own abilities which you can exploit for victory. Players will need to choose a hero to further their battle strategies. Humans have strong defense systems, Elves have their long range weapons and the Undead utilize their high numbers to swarm their enemies.

via Google Play

Smilegate has announced that they will be awarding a number of in-game currency called crystals to all players depending on the amount of people pre-registering. Players stand to get up to 1000 Crystals if 1 million people pre-register before the game officially releases.

via Google Play

WarReign is scheduled for release in 150 countries with 7 language versions, including English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. So if you have friends, tell them about the game and get them to pre-register too so that all of you can start the game with free goodies.

Cover image via WarReign Wiki


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