Lanota: Quick Review

A beautiful story in a beautiful game.

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Lanota: Quick Review

Score: 10/10


  • Beautiful art and story
  • Innovative and simple gameplay where the play area moves
  • Varied difficulty settings for players of all skill levels
  • UI is well animated and well designed
  • Complete Rhythm game settings
  • Long playtime


  • Experience dulled if you do not have headphones.


You have to tap for the whites, hold down for the blue, and flick for the reds. Keep an eye out on the movement, you'll have to adjust accordingly.

The World map where you select stages are amazingly colored, and you will swiftly move on to the next stage so that you can color the world.


Each stage has an accompanying artwork, and some story when you have finished the stage.

Good design, good art, solid music and fun gameplay. The only restriction you get is a timer, but that's easily bypassable for the entire game if you purchase it.

10/10, a great game that all rhythm gamers should try. 

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Price: Free

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