Learn About Bacteria from Moyashimon

Your fast-track way to basic microbiology.

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Learn About Bacteria from Moyashimon

Moyashimon is definitely one of those rare animes that stands out and doesn't fall into any of the common anime genres. It follows the experiences of a group of Agricultural University students who enroll in a Microbiology course.

One of them, Tadayasu Sawaki is able to see these microbes with his bare eyes and they appear as cute and enlarged creatures who speak to him. The group discovers how bacteria and fungi are used in the production of many types of food and drink.

Their discoveries are often facilitated by their eccentric mentor, Proffessor Itsuki. In addition to microorganisms, the characters also get into complex entanglements with one another. One of the main bacteria that appear here is Aspergillus oryzae , a mold involved in the making of sake. Most of the other microbes that appear are involved in the fermentation of foods.

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The anime received rave reviews in Japan and even came back for a second season.

It was fun, honest and lighthearted for the first season. Furthermore, it was completely educational, even for those without a life science background as it taught the basic principles of fermentation, microbial growth and how they interacted with humans.

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However, towards the end of the first season and into the second season, the story began to focus more on the characters' personal lives and their relationships with one another, shifting the focus of the series. Personally, this spoiled the essence of what made Moyashimon good in the first place. 

If anything, this series should be watched because it promotes a technical knowledge and encourages curiosity into the microbes without being overbearing or boring. 

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