Lifestyle Simulator 'Home Street' Launches for Mobile

Design characters and move them into homes.

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Lifestyle Simulator 'Home Street'  Launches for Mobile

Supersolid's previous games will probably give them away as the company that specializes in management and simulation games. Recently they've made and released 'Food Street', a restaurant management game that was downloaded over 80,000 times and earned USD 100,000 in revenue for the company.

Supersolid has now secured a USD 4 million investment form Index Ventures, a mobile game investment body that has previously poured out financial backing for other hit mobile studios like King and Supercell. Starting today, they're launching 'Home Street', a game that's rather similar to The Sims for mobile.

Home Street is a lifestyle simulation game quite similar to The Sims, but lighter and more compact. Players start off by designing an avatar of themselves and then move these avatar into homes which they can start to customize according to their own tastes.

Throughout the game, players will be able to interact with the avatars of other players from all over the world and take part in in-game events. The game has been launched on October 12th and players can now get it for free on both iOS and Android.

Cover image via VentureBeat

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