Lightning Fighter 2 Quick Review

A satisfying sci-fi shoot em up with a vast weapon variety.

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Lightning Fighter 2 Quick Review

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Score: 8/10


  • Has lock on mechanics with some weapons
  • Planes are upgradeable
  • Multiple enemy types and variations
  • Multiple stages with beautiful background
  • Super attacks are unique to each weapon
  • Tap to control, finger does not cover the plane enables precise movements.
  • Beautiful enemy fire
  • Multiple game modes


  • Grinding required to unlock more planes
  • Weapon you use is always at best performance. No in game upgrades

Super attacks give you a shield as you just enjoy blasting things

Spread attacks? Nah, I use a curve laser. 



No story, but you don't need one with gameplay this solid. Multiple enemies, shields with super attacks. Cash shop only for convienience and to speed up progress. Stage select.

Lightning Raider 2 is just what you can expect from a classic sci-fi plane shoot em up. It's great, with solid explosions. There's also no ads. Bullet patterns here are readable and dodgeable, and even if you make a mistake, you have shields that are basically additional life that you can buy and use.

It's a game that you can play while on the train or a car and truly enjoy. It gets a high 8/10

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