Lineage 2 Revolution: Review - Relaxing Auto RPG MMO

Score: 7/10

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Lineage 2 Revolution: Review - Relaxing Auto RPG MMO

Score: 7/10


  • Relaxing music and good SFX
  • Great graphics
  • Able to see other online players
  • Guilds, Raids & PvP
  • Auto systems
  • Cutscenes


  • Requires tapping to get through quest dialogues.
  • Only three classes
  • Gender locked Races

Lineage 2 Revolution, or L2R for short, is a Action MMORPG that features huge worlds and the lore from Lineage 2. It has amazing graphics, good soundtrack, and a fully featured auto system that can automate the game for you. It moves to quest givers, hunting rounds and attacks mobs and bosses for you. Skills are used whenever they are off cooldown, and potions are used when health is low. The only thing the Auto system can't do is to skip the dialogue boxes when you complete quests. Equipment is also handled automatically with an auto equip feature.

Opening up the inventory, shop or other menus will not pause gameplay, and it is a surprise to see the auto feature work even then. As such, players are free to place the game down and just enjoy watching the game as progression is done. In conclusion, Lineage 2 Revolution takes the best concepts from Zero-player RPGs and with the addition of MMO features such as guilds, raids and PvP, creates one of the best MMORPG experience on mobile.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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