Listen to PPAP Performed in Japanese Traditional Style

Japan's National Theater's Kabuki version.

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Listen to PPAP Performed in Japanese Traditional Style

Japan's National Theater is an august and respected group of performers, each of them a living national treasure of Japan. They carry with them centuries of musical knowledge, and all of the members have trained for decades to qualify for a place in exclusive National Theater.

Therefore, when they released a video of themselves performing their own version of Piko Taro's Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song, people were shocked and awed. Just watch these talented men here:

In the video, you can see the performers playing traditional Japanese instruments like the 3-stringed shamisen, flute and hand drums. The main singer, Saki Kineya, comes from a long line of Hougaku singers which date back several hundred years.

What makes the video even funnier is that all the musicians perform stone faced in very formal styles, while their mascot, Kurogo-chan, dances cheerfully in front. The National Theater troupe replaces the apple and pineapple from Piko Taro's song with a sampo (traditional wooden stand for shrines) and nurisampo (lacquered stand for shrines), making their song the pen-nurisampo-sampo-pen song. 

Apparently, this video was specially made to promote the National Theater on the occasion of their 50th anniversary, and the idea came from a highly respected Kabuki actor, Onoe Kikugoro VII. Well, his idea definitely paid off!

If you haven't watched the original PPAP viral video, here you go:

To date, the original PPAP video has had almost 110 million views.