Living Alone 2: Quick Review

Simulate a life, full of sudden defeats.

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Living Alone 2: Quick Review

Score: 6/10


  • It has nice art
  • Content is varied.
  • Progress doesn't start over when you rebirth
  • You can have a pet.


  • A lot of odd mechanics in the game that doesn't make sense.
    • Clicking on home screen
    • Rapid tapping on "heading out"
    • Heading out earns more gold then part time job.
  • Part time job levels do not noticeably increase part time income
  • Must watch an ad after every Sudden defeat.
  • Unlocks aren't accumulative
  • Sudden defeat endings aren't endings, just notable negative events such as finding a caterpillar or tripping at work.



Living alone 2 is a game where you have to manage your 4 stats (top left) around different daily activities. Your goal is to make enough money to pay rent, and to get good grades in university.

You can earn gold via night out, part time, or just clicking on the home screen


In university, your goal is to get good grades by filling up the bar when you pick a study subject.

In your path however, are many sudden defeat endings. There are trigger flags in the game, and when you hit a flag, you will suddenly get one of these endings and must watch an ad before you continue playing.



This game should get a higher score, but translation issues as well as the ad interuption diminishes my enjoyment of the game. Regardless, it's still a nice enough game.



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