Logres: Japanese MMO-RPG Quick Review

 A game which allows you to switch weapons during battles.

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Logres: Japanese MMO-RPG Quick Review

Score: 5/10


  • Multiple jobs
  • BGM
  • Active turn based battle system
  • Able to switch weapons in battles, to take advantage of the enemy weakness (Ie: Birds are weak to bows)
  • Emoticon
  • Art and BGM


  • Menus are a little odd to navigate
  • Unable to view whole inventory without looking at equips.
  • SFX does not play if you use an emulator
  • Grinding required
  • No victory fanfare


 Normal attack animations and ultimate attack skills relies a lot on simple animation tricks such as having trails, but not seeing the act it self.

In a tiny screen, they gave you these emotions to express yourself. There are also chat emoticons that you can spam world chat with.

They have a victory dance, but not a fanfare.

Equips are presented as such. You change them by hitting equip at the bottom left.

All these NPCs aren't story NPC. They are function NPC. Can you tell which NPC does what?

There's nothing special to the game. It has an odd UI, and it's just a matter of grinding through the story to gain levels. They do promise Co-op and dungeon raiding, but the game feels a lot more like a MMO than a RPG. If you've played a MMORPG, you've played them all, and Logress doesn't do anything to differenciate itself from the group. 


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