Loot boxes are getting out of hand

While some games implement this right, many are looking forward to exploiting this system for profit.

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Loot boxes are getting out of hand

If you are not aware on why Loot boxes are such a big deal, we have to start from the roots.

Loot boxes (or gacha) has always existed in mobile games. It is a price to pay for being able to play games for free, for they need a way to monetize the costs of the game.

Usually, games that are paid upfront did not have any other in game purchases. Then, DLC happened, and while some DLC are implemented well and help extend the length of the game, we have other games that have terrible DLC such as Battlefield 4 with on day DLC with upgrades and extra equipment.

And now, the latest trend to pull as much money as they can is loot boxes.

The video below explains it clearly, and also gives a deeper analysis on them.

With the original intention was to reward players with cosmetics, loot boxes is now being used to provide gameplay advantages and cheat codes to players. While once you can spawn a tank by pressing a series of buttons, the future will have you do the same by using your credit card.

There is a problem with this, and the problem is that gameplay quality will fall. We can see this in "shadow of mordor 2", with legendary and epic orcs being killed for little to no reason in missions, tempting players to pay to obtain more orcs.

Loot boxes are getting out of hand, and we hope that regulations will be implemented to curb these exploitative practices.

Cover Image via IGN

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