Love Live! School Idol Festival: Aweapps Review

It’s not the only anime rhythm game… but it is the only anime rhythm game in English. Somehow beating even Miku, Love live is a famous rhythm game, and for good reason.

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Love Live! School Idol Festival: Aweapps Review

Now, before we start the review, yes I know. There are many anime style rhythm games. What I meant however, are anime gacha rhythm games. A game that has characters, story, gacha elements and the like. So, this won’t be a comparison to Deemo, Cythus, Voez, Zyon, Lanota, Arcaea, Grove Coaster and the like.

Now, let’s begin.




Love live's basic gameplay is easy. There are 9 portraits, and you tap the portrait when the circle note is on the portrait. You can get a bad,good,great and perfect, depending on your timing of the press. I used to play this game a lot, and while it might look overwhelming, the game never veers away from the two fingers system, where no more then 2 fingers will be on the screen at any time.

The game plays comfortably on my mobile phone. As for PC emulator users... I'm a little to used to o2jam's 7 keys, so the jump from 7 to 9 keys was a huge jump to me. I was having trouble until I found a solution.

Which key do I press for the middle? Why, ANY KEY, my dear. Any key presses it.

The main appeal of the game comes from the characters of Love Live. Both Muse and Aqours characters are in the game, and they have multiple and many cards in all 4 rarities. Each card features the girl in different outfits, and you get an alternate card art when you "Idolize" (read: evolve) the card. If you're playing the game, your end goal is to upgrade all your cards, and collect more cards of your favourite character. It's a never ending journey, but one that's actually enjoyable.

The game has a total of 90 songs in the game, each with 4 difficulty levels. Not all songs are unlocked at the start, and players will have to advance the story to eventually unlock the other songs.

Both Muse and Aqours has their own story in the game, and players are free to read through both at their own leisure. The game's story is presented like a kinetic novel, and it introduces the idols and details their daily life and the troubles the girls encounter. Aside from the main story, there are also side story for each card. Side stories are unlocked when you have max out a bond of an Idolized card. Increasing a card bond is done by simply playing the game with the card in your party. Both main and side stories award "Love gems", the in game currency of Love Live.

The game also features full voice acting, which is impressive as the full story is more than 58 thousand words. Individual chapters are relatively quick however, and a fast reader can read a single chapter within a minute before going back to the main gameplay. As seen in the screenshots, the art in the game is very well drawn, with no mistakes. Each background music is fitting, and if you have a headphones, the music in the game does not skip out on quality.

Every so often, there will be events in the game. These events are split into two types, collect an event 'note' in game, or go head to head against other players in a score battle. Scores in this game relies on your entire Idol party stats. The 3 type of songs, (Smile, Pure, Cool) will only take your team stats of Smile, Pure, or Cool, and disregard the other two stats. The higher the stats, the more score you get when you hit a note.

Here's the progression method of this game. Cards have a level, which can be increased by "practice". Practice requires the sacrifice of other cards that you have.

Special Practice aka Idolize will increase the max level of a card, and change the card art. To Idolize a card, you must have an exact copy of the card, or have an Idolize sticker. Idolize stickers are extremely rare rewards given out in events or quests.

School Idol skills is where you manage the skills your cards may have. All skills in the game are passive, and are usually activated upon hitting a certain combo count. For example, increase score by 1000 when getting 20 perfects.



Cash scouting in the game is a little expensive, but collecting 50 gems is easily doable for a new account in two weeks. For an old account that has completed the game, 50 gems would take around 3 months to farm, but it willl take a long time to reach that state as there are so much story and songs to play in the game.

Surprisingly, there's a regular gacha that has these rates. 0.27% of SR, and 1.11% of R. You can do 2 free regular draws a day, once from Aqours pool, and one from Muse pool. Regular gacha is important in the game as they are the main source of EXP for your main idols. It is not hard to get friend points, and you can easily do 10 pullls after 1 hour.

1% may seem quite punishing, but the publishers manage to retain their players by constantly having login events. Some login events straight up award an Idolized UR, so it isn't hard to have a full team of UR and SSR though constant play. Aside from login events, notable dates such as member birthdays, anniversaries or holidays will also award all players who login with bonus Love gems.



 Do you like rhythm games? You like this.

Do you like love live? You might like this.

Do you hate rhythm games? Then this will be a no play for you.

Can you get far as a free player? Yes.

As far as it goes, Love live does a lot of things right, with a huge song collection that's nice to listen to and popular among fans. It's hard to ask for more from a good game, but if I were to want for more, I would like to have better rates... at least 3% UR.


And that's the end, and as I leave, I leave you with Nico.


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