'Magicarp Jump' Finally Gets Released Worldwide!

It's now available everywhere and in English.

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'Magicarp Jump' Finally Gets Released Worldwide!

A few days ago we revealed that the Pokemon Company was soft launching a new game called 'Magicarp Jump' in Italy. The great news is that they've now released it worldwide and people are going crazy over it, calling it an extremely addictive game.

More details of the game are now being revealed as the game is now available fully in English and not just Italian as previously revealed. Players will take on the roles of Pokemon trainers who get a fishing rod from Professor Oak, and can catch their own Magicarp. 

You'll then be able to train your Magicarp and pitch them in battle with other players to see whose Magicarp gets to jump higher. The more battles you win, the higher you can level up.

When your Magicarp reaches the highest level, which is 20, you'll be able to retire it and start anew with a brand new generation of Magicarp which will be stronger than before. Early reviews are already touting this game as the new replacement to Pokemon Go, calling it 'bizarre yet addictive'. However, only time will tell whether it outdoes its predecessor in popularity and performance.

Cover image via Pokemon.com

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