Your Tangerines Will Taste Sweeter with These Secret Techniques

Make your tangerine great again.

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Your Tangerines Will Taste Sweeter with These Secret Techniques

In Japan, Mandarin oranges or Tangerines are called Mikan. There are several varieties of this fruit available. Some are sweet while others are a little more sour. The Japanese have developed ways to make sour Mikans taste sweeter and more delicious. These tips come from wise grandmothers or 'Obaachans' who all know a thing or two about culinary secrets.

Although the Japanese use these tips for Mikans, you can always apply them to other types of citrus fruit too, as well as any type of orange that's native to your locality:

1. Bruise the Mikan

You can do these in a few ways. The first is throwing it up into the air and letting it fall onto the table. Don't throw it too high, and be sure not to throw it onto a wall. All you need to achieve is a gentle bruise and that's enough. Another way to bruise the Mikan is to give it a gentle press.

The principle behind this is that every bit of the bitter tasting enzymes would be used to heal the fruit, leaving little or none in the flesh.

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2. Sunning The Mikan

Leaving the Mikan under the sun will accelerate its internal respiration, causing all the bitter parts to be used up on the metabolic process. This will take several days, usually 2-3 days, but at the end of it, you would have gotten rid of most of the bitter components.


3. Microwaving the Mikan

Be sure not to put it in for more than 30 seconds at a time, and remove the peel before you do it, or else you'll end up with an exploding orange. The heat will have the same effect on the Mikan as sunlight, with much less time consumed.

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These techniques are largely unproven, but you're free to try it out and find out for yourself. The best way to enjoy Mikan, according to Japanese people, is while sitting under a Kotatsu, or a heated table during winter.

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