Makers of 'Machinarium' Bring Us the Comedic 'Chuchel'

Amanita Design set to release this new game in 2018.

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Makers of 'Machinarium' Bring Us the Comedic 'Chuchel'

Machinarium is one of those adventure games that break the mold of most adventure games, in the way it developed its characters to the mood music in the game. Now Amanita Design, the indie Czech studio behind Machinarium, has announced a new game headed our way in 2018.

via Rock, Paper, Shotgun

This time, rather than a serious point and click adventure like their previous offerings, we get a lighthearted comedic one. The story centres around Chuchel, which is Czech for ball of dust and hair.

This little fuzzy black ball is obsessed with a large cherry, which he has to try to get back from the game's villains that take it away from him. The developers have said that much of the comedy will come from Chucel's own silly antics, and well as that of his dog, Anca.

While there are plenty of puzzles, the game's animation is part of what carries its charm. This level of animation, that's good enough for a movie or TV show is also what attracted players to Amanita Design's previous titles like Botanicula and the Samorost series.

Players will be glad to know that the puzzles in this one will be easier than in Machinarium and the other previous games which were mind numbing. It's scheduled for a release in early 2018 for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.


Cover image via Amanita Design Forum

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