Makers of 'Sakura Wars' Releases 'Aida of the Sky and Sea'

Watch the first trailer here!.

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Makers of 'Sakura Wars' Releases 'Aida of the Sky and Sea'

PlayStation's mobile arm Forwardworks announced a new game last December called 'Sora to Umi no Aida', literally translating to Aida of the Sky and Sea. The game follows the adventure of six main female characters who have been picked by the government to grow fish in space.

Apparently, the game is set in a world where all the fish in the sea have mysteriously vanished and the authorities have now begun a program to breed fish in large tanks in space. No updates have been announced since last December until now, with the release of the game's first trailer:

The trailer seems to focus on introducing the six main characters, with no mention of the gameplay. However, Sony Interactive did release some gameplay screenshots that gives us a glimpse of how the game concept will work.

via DualShockers

via DualShockers

Pre-registration for the game is now open on the game's official website but you'll have to be a little more patient for the official release date and whether or not the game will be available in your region.


Cover image via PushSquare

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