Makeup Hacks For A Casual Girl


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Makeup Hacks For A Casual Girl

1. First off, nobody likes to walk around looking like a panda all day. To remedy this, gently apply glitter stars to affected area to cover dark circles.  


2. Next up, contour for a defined face. A popular trend is the clown contour. Simply apply concealor exacly as below. 

3. Then, you'd want to apply foundation to get that coveted perfect complexion. Apply roughly 100 layers of foundation and your canvas is ready! 

4. Brows are an essential part of the face and you have to be extra careful with this step. Apply only 100 layers of liquid eyebrows carefully onto your face. 

5. For the eyes, you'd want to keep it simple so that the rest of your makeup won't end up clashing. Skip the eyeliner and eyeshadow and simply apply 100 layers of false lashes. 

6. Everyone loves a plump lip so try the Kylie Jenner lip challenge to achieve beautifully plump lips, naturally. 

7. For the final touches, slip a brown paper bag onto your head and voila! You're ready for the day!  


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