Marchen Madchen Light Novels Now Turned into a Mobile Game

Join Hazuki Kagimura as her life in a fairy tale begins.

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Marchen Madchen Light Novels Now Turned into a Mobile Game

Marchen Madchen is a series of light novels written by the late Tomohiro Matsu with illustrations by Kantoku. So far two volumes have been published since february 2017, with a manga scheduled for release in October 2017 and an anime in the works for 2018.

It has now been announced that Marchen Madchen or 'Farytale Girls' will also get a mobile game spin off. The light novel tells the story of Hazuki Kagimura who loves fairy tales. She gets lost one day among the bookshelves of her school library and finds herself transported to a magical school where all the students are called 'Madchens'.

Each student has been chosen to attend the mysterious school by magical books and Hazuki has to learn what it means to be transformed into a magical girl and live in her own fantasy story.

So far, very little has been revealed about the online game, only that it will be free to play and be availble for PC, Android and iOS devices. It's being developed by DMM games and they've mentioned that more details will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2017 scheduled for September 21st to 24th.

More will definitely be revealed about the game, including its gameplay and how the in-app purchases will work.

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