Meet The New Wave of Genderless Men in Japan

Beyond makeup.


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Meet The New Wave of Genderless Men in Japan


You may not know who Toman Sasaki is , but he's becoming quite a viral household name in Japan, for a very surprising reason. Toman is leading a new wave of men, who challenge the traditional ideas of gender. In short, they're men who prefer to dress and practice skincare like women. 

Sasaki himself is 23 years old, and is a successful model and boy band member. His band XOX has been gaining a large, mostly female following in Japan. Watch the New York Time's short report about Sasaki and his fellow genderless men here:


Toman and his friends are all out to promote the message of self-love and acceptance, which means always trying your best to be the original you. He believes it's a guarantee of satisfaction and will lead to a happier life.

What do you think? Are Toman and his friends the new brand of manliness in the world? Does he come off as attractive to you? Let us know in the comments section.