Meet the World's Oldest Mobile Game Developer

Masako Wakamiya has created 'Hinadan'.

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Meet the World's Oldest Mobile Game Developer

It's extremely rare for any mobile game to target the senior citizens. In fact, there aren't any games at all for those above 50 or 60. Most mobile games are meant for the young and young at heart, often made with contemporary trends in mind.

However, Masako Wakamiya has changed all that. She's the world's oldest mobile game programmer at 82 years of age, and her game 'Hinadan' or Doll's Staircase is available on iTunes for iOS phones and is targeted at older gamers.


Wakamiya was a bank clerk for most of her life and when she retired, she began to get interested in computers and taught herself how to program with several languages. Hinadan is her first game and it's based on the ancient Japanese celebration called Doll's Day or Hinamatsuri where families display a doll arrangement in their homes consisting of traditional dolls.




Wakamiya believes that senior citizens represent an untapped market where mobile games are concerned, and she set out to create a game they could relate to and play at their own pace. 

Hinadan is available for free on iTunes, and everyone can download it no matter what age you are. It helps if you can read and understand Japanese, but even that's not necessary as the simple instructions at the beginning can easily be translated on any language app.

Cover image via My Modern Met

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