Megacool Integrated Tech Lets You Share Your Hottest Gaming Moments

Integration lets you share GIFs on social media.

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Megacool Integrated Tech Lets You Share Your Hottest Gaming Moments

Megacool seems like your average technology, until you find out that it can capture your best gaming moments for posterity in a GIF format and you can share it on Facebook, Twitter and via SMS. Megacool has actually developed an application programming interface or API that is compatible with mobile games and can capture 10 seconds of your greatest gaming moments as a shareable GIF.

Megacool founder Aurora Klaeboe Berg told Gamesbeat that they initially wanted to help mobile game developers solve a problem with player acquisition that was very costly to produce. Megacool has just come out of their Beta testing phase where they collaborated with gaming companies like Dot and Candywriter to allow their players to capture and share GIFs of personal games.

Over 1 million GIFs were shared when Megacool was at its Beta stage and now that it's officially launched, up to 200 game developers have signed up integrate it into their games. Previous collaborators like Dot and Candywriter have found that their gaming app is being shared on social media much more frequently with the availability of Megacool, which is a big plus for their marketing.

Megacool is working on upgrading the API to add in Snapchat-like features where players can add captions to the GIF before sharing. Let's all hope that Megacool will be integrated into more mobile games so that we can all have our precious moments in gaming documented as good memories online.

Cover image via VentureBeat

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