Miniature Cooking is One of the Latest Fads in Japan

Really tiny kitchens.

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Miniature Cooking is One of the Latest Fads in Japan

Nobody knows when it really started, but as far back as 2009, videos of people cooking in tiny kitchens started appearing on Youtube and then tiny kits started appearing in Japan for consumers to make miniature candy meals that resemble real meals that you would have in real life.

These kits had powdered components that you had to add water to and then shape into various food items. The instructions were very detailed and require lots of patience. Here are some of those little meals being prepared. Keep in mind that they're all edible:

1.Mini Burger with Fries


2. Mini Lunchbox of Bento


3. Soba and Yakiudon


4. Miniature Donuts


5. Tiny Sushi


6. Ramen Set


Hopefully, you've enjoyed all these demonstrations. Don't you think that all these miniature food enthusiasts are talented? It's really apparent that they're truly patient and meticulous people, and that makes it even more satisfying to watch.


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