MOBA Heroes Evolved Announces In-Game Competition

Win up to USD 2,000 in cash prizes.

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MOBA Heroes Evolved Announces In-Game Competition

The free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA game Heroes Evolved is a competitive take on the genre. Players choose their main fighters from a pool of more than 40 characters and organize themselves into teams, called the Eternals and the Ancients. 

Now the game's developers R2Games have announced and in-game event in the form of a regional competition. Players will be organized according to three official regions. The competition is free to enter and will offer prizes ranging from small in-game tokens to USD 2,000 to the winning team.

Right now, registration for the EU region has been opened and will stay open until August 30th. If you're in Europe, you can start registering within the game app itself and the competition is scheduled to start on September 3rd.

Further official announcements will be made for competitions in other regions after the conclusion of the EU leg, so stay alert for updates.

Cover image via R2Games

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