Mobile Game 'Star Trek Timelines' Set to Launch Special Borg Event

Includes a special appearance by the Borg Queen.

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Mobile Game 'Star Trek Timelines' Set to Launch Special Borg Event

Mobile gamers who are Star Trek fans will be no stranger to its game Star Trek Timelines, which is a strategy RPG developed by the company Disruptor Beam. In the game, players get to be the captain of their own space ship, and are allowed to choose crew members from characters of the different seasons of Star Trek to hit the silver screen.

Basically, your job as captain involves you traversing the universe and encountering various situations, which you have to solve diplomatically, science, or plain brute military force.The game was officially released in 2014, and now players are in for a special treat. 

Disruptor Beams has announced one of their biggest events to date, called "Process of Assimilation" and it kicks off on May 4th 2017 and is expected to last one month. The main theme of the game involves the Borgs, and alien race that share a common consciousness, and are led by a Queen.

Players will be able to participate in small adventures, like running a Gauntlet with Borg ships, and responding to distress signals, all with the final aim of defeating the Borgs.

Take this chance to play bonus games within the game itself and experience something new.


Cover image via Disruptor Beam

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