Mobile MMORPG 'Royal Blood' Set for Global Release in 2017

Released by Korean game developers Gamevil.

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Mobile MMORPG 'Royal Blood' Set for Global Release in 2017

Korean company Gamevil is now releasing their massive main project 'Royal Blood' to the international market. Royal Blood was first announced in November 2016 and unlike many other MMORPGS that rely on the Unreal Engine 4, Royal Blood was designed in the Unity game engine and this means that the game's quality would be on par with any PC game.

The game is very story driven and players will be expected to follow the main quests. There will be player vs player interactions, but it will be capped at 100 vs 100 live player guild wars per scene at any time.

The MMORPG is an open world one, and players can transition seamlessly from solo missions to a multi-party raid. There are various interesting characters to choose from, and from time to time the game will give players the opportunity to participate in massive raids and guild wars involving all the players in one server.

Cover image via MMOCulture

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