Movie Review: Justice League

Now they're all together.

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Movie Review: Justice League

DC's ultimate team of superheroes finally gets its own movie, after all the previous ones exploring the characters that make up this team. So Justice League finally opened in cinemas and fans have been going in droves to check it out.

Justice League brings together six DC superheroes, namely Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and the Flash. The main person recruiting everyone is of course Batman, played by a slightly pouchy Ben Affleck.

At the beginning of the movie Superman is dead after sacrificing himself to save others in the previous DC movie Batman vs Superman. Then a villain called Steppenwolf shows up and he wants to take over the world using three 'Mother' boxes that have to be combined.

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There's plenty of action sequences in this movie, and Barry Allen's witty quips often lifts the show when it sinks into a slight monotony. The movie seems to have performed below par in the box office, and perhaps this is caused by a predictable storyline that's a bit too one dimensional for 2017.

Unlike the unprecedented quality of Wonder Woman, this movie doesn't delve very deeply into any type of emotion. It's pretty much superficial dialogue and action sequences all the way. Even Superman didn't get much time to recover before he was back in action again.

Steppenwolf's character came across as pretty one dimensional in this offering, and there was a lack of back story for enough character development.

It's not a bad movie, and by any superhero movie standards it was pretty entertaining, but it brings nothing new to the table. Good guys win, ugly bad guy loses, everyone else plays a minor role. The only saving grace was perhaps the witty banter the Flash provided.

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