Mushroom Wars 2 Has Officially Made it To Mobile

A Real Time Strategy game that has won multiple awards.

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Mushroom Wars 2 Has Officially Made it To Mobile

Zillion Wales, the company behind the award winning RTS game Mushroom Wars 2 has announced that the game has officially made the journey from PC to mobile in early August 2017. Mushroom Wars 2 will be available on both iOS and Android phones and the game supports cross-platform gaming for real time battles.

Mushroom Wars 2 allows you to control you own tribe of mushroom based characters and battle other tribes of mushrooms controlled by other players in a MOBA style sessions. At the beginning of the game you're allowed to choose your tribe, whether Shrooms, Proteus, Shii'Moris or Grims and based on that will go on a four episode campaign which is different for each tribe.

Apart from the campaigns, there are also over 50 individual single player missions you can accomplish, as well as battle matches across the iOS and Android divide.

Mushroom Wars 2 has won numerous awards including Best Multiplayer Game at Indie Prize and  Best App Store Game in 2016, which makes it worth trying by all accounts.

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