Nerds vs Veterans Charity Event Launched in Immortal Conquest

To raise USD 15,000 for a chosen charity.

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Nerds vs Veterans Charity Event Launched in Immortal Conquest

NetEase, the developers behind mobile strategy game Immortal Conquest has announced an in-game competition between two teams, named the Nerd vs Veteran competition. The competition will pitch the Nerd team who will use calculative data against team Veteran that will use tactics and diplomacy.

The winning team will get to decide which non profit organization get the USD 15,000 prize money. Team Nerd will be headed by Youtube influencer and rapper Dan Bull whereas Stephen Machuga, CEO of Stack-up heads team Veteran.

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Stack-up is a charity that's dedicated to sending games to both working soldiers and returning veterans, to help them cope and heal from trauma. 

The competition will begin on October 21st and end on December 8th. Both teams will be going head to head in order to conquer Delphi, and in-game city.

The rules and basic competition concepts can be found at the official Nerd vs Veteran site, and the site has instructions on how you can join the battle too.


Cover image via this YouTube video


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