Netmarble Releases TERA M's Trailer

TERA M is the prequel game to TERA.

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Netmarble Releases  TERA M's Trailer

TERA is a well known MMORPG in Korea produced by Netmarble and in January this year, they announced plans to produce a prequel game called TERA M. Since January there hasn't been much updates, but now a trailer for TERA M  has been released, fueling hope that the game is going to reach stores soon.

TERA M is supposed to take place 1000 years before the events of TERA and features much of the same graphic design as the original game. 

The small clips in the trailer is a good indication of how the game is going to work, with close melee combat and multiple camera angles, which often characterize Korean MMORPGs.

Cover image via GNN


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