New Augmented Reality Game 'Captain Blimey' Announced

Go around your neighbourhood seeking treasure.

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New Augmented Reality Game 'Captain Blimey' Announced

Augmented reality games are now enjoying a renaissance of sorts, especially after the release of Pokemon Go that really captured the hearts and imagination of players worldwide. Augmented reality games are unique to the mobile platform, since it is the only platform which you can take around with you.

This latest augmented reality release comes from Seattle, and was funded and developed by three Seattle locals, Srikant Vemparala, Mike Snow and Pradeep Kanneganti. The basic concept of the game requires players to walk around their area of residence looking for treasure troves, and they'll be rewarded with virtual cash upon completion of the treasure hunt.

The twist of the game is that the game offers real life prizes, with every treasure that you find is either a gift card, cash voucher or the like. There are many international hunts as well. To get the game going, 9Logic Technologies, who are the game's publishers, are organizing real life hunts in the Seattle area all through the month of May, with actual cash prizes in USD.

Cover image via Google Play

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