New Harry Potter AR Game Announced

Time to go on an adventure to look for Hippogriffs and Crumple-Horned Snorkacks. 

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New Harry Potter AR Game Announced

In a recent announcement that is sure to excite Harry Potter fans, new augmented reality mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released. Rumours have been swirling about a Pokemon Go equivalent game set in the Harry Potter World. Well, here it is!


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have partnered up with Niantic Inc. (developers of Pokemon Go) to bring you Wizards Unite, allowing fans to experience the magical world, while still going about their slightly-less-interesting muggle life. Released under the new label of Portkey Games, Wizards Unite will "portkey" fans to great magical adventures. The augmented reality game will enable fans to explore the real world, while still being part of the magical world and its associated adventures. Get ready to look for magical creatures and artefacts, meet other wizards/witches, cast spells, take part in duels, etc. Oh boy, we're going to have tons of exciting, fun-filled magical adventures. It's (almost?) a consolation for not receiving our Hogwarts letters when we turned 11. 


To get you Harry Potter fans even more excited than you no doubt already are, Wizards Unite is only the start of a whole collection of Harry Potter games that are planned to be released by Portkey Games in the coming years. *hyperventilates - someone please "Enervate" me if I faint*. Well, I'll leave you with that announcement - let it sink in that...that...that...FANS REJOICE! WE'RE GOING TO EMBARK ON MAGICAL ADVENTURES!!!


Cover image via Pottermore

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