New Minecraft Marketplace Lets Players Create and Sell Content

Only for the Minecraft: pocket edition.

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New Minecraft Marketplace Lets Players Create and Sell Content

Microsoft, via its game developers Mojang, has announced that Minecraft players can now access a new feature called the Marketplace. Here, players will be able to trade with their fellow players within the game itself. 

In order to start trading however, players will first have to spend real money to buy Minecraft coins which are Minecraft's main currency for this marketplace. They come at different sized bundles priced at $1.99, $4.99 and $ 9.99 each. 

Players who visit the marketplace will find skins, mini-games, textures and worlds designed by their fellow gamers. Creators who want to sell their wares in the marketplace will first have to submit an application before being allowed into the marketplace, and will have to have a legitimate business license beforehand.

via Windows Central

Some of the content creators featured upon the Marketplace launch will include Noxcrew, BlockWorks, Qwertyuiop and many more. It remains unclear how creators will turn the coins earned into cash, but Microsoft will definitely stand to profit from these transactions.

No exact date has been given for when the marketplace will go live, but it has been said that it will be somewhere in Spring of 2017. 

Cover image via Gamerant

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