New Release 'Don't Touch The Lava' Has Some High Octane Action

Just keep your alien alive.

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New Release 'Don't Touch The Lava' Has Some High Octane Action

New York based mobile game developers AppVant Garde Studios have now released their second game called 'Don't Touch The Lava'. It's a play on the name of a childhood game where kids jump around elevated platforms and try not to touch the ground.

Similar concepts appear in this game where you play a slime ball alien and you have to navigate through a host of nerve wrecking obstacles found in a lava pit in order to stay alive. You'll have to jump from one rock to another and blast away monster worms and crystal barriers to work you way through the game, so there's not a moment's focus to lose.

The developers hope to appeal to those who remember playing Don't Touch The Lava as kids in the playground or living room, now with more virtual consequences rather than physical ones. If you'd like to check it out, it's available for free with in-game purchases on iTunes and Google Play


All images including cover image via iTunes


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