New Star Wars Mobile Game Announced and It's All About Strategy

Star Wars: Rise to Power by Electronic Arts.

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New Star Wars Mobile Game Announced and It's All About Strategy

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced through their official website that a new Star Wars game is coming out soon and it's called Star Wars: Rise to Power. This new game is going to be a strategy game where players take the side of the old Empire and the New Republic. 

Apparently, the game is part of the plan to build up hype for the next Star Wars Movie, Episode VIII The Last Jedi scheduled to come out in December. Rise to Power is now available for a limited number of players on Android and you'll have to sign up at the official EA website to join the pre-Alpha stage test game. 

Keep in mind that if you do sign up, you'll be asked for feedback on your experience so that the game developers can make the necessary improvements so that it can go to Beta testing phase, and soon to the general public.

The gameplay will allow players to form alliances and engage other players in epic space battles, where they'll have to outwit and out-maneuver one another. There will also be options to engage in diplomacy to settle disputes.

If you'd like to help develop and improve the game for the masses, do sign up as a pre-Alpha tester and be among the first to engage in an epic galactic battle.

Cover image via StarWars

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