New Upcoming Device May Just Solve Language Barriers


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New Upcoming Device May Just Solve Language Barriers

If there's one thing that seasoned travellers will tell you is that without undermining its importance, the English language - despite being the international language of the world - isn't always the lingua franca in certain parts of the world. 

But then again, that's hardly surprising when you consider that statistically, both Chinese and Spanish - ranked first and second as the most spoken language in the world respectively - absolutely dwarfs the number of English-speaking people, according to this data

And anyone can tell you that language barrier can be a hindrance when communicating with someone from a foreign land with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Sure, you're fortunate if someone on the street happens to be multilingual and offers their help after noticing that you're not a native (insert language here) speaker, or that you're blatantly struggling in basic everyday life struggles like ordering a meal, but that's always the case.

Thankfully, a new brilliant invention could potentially solve, or at the very least, soften such problems. 

Known as "Pilot" and Developed by Waverly Labs, these wireless earplugs are synced to a smartphone app which deciphers what the speaker is saying and translates it to a language that's understandable to you. 

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There are expected to be available in the market by 2017 and will come with complete English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese support, with support for other languages to come as it develops. 

So next time when someone deliberately switches to another language right in front of your face, you'll know if they're speaking unfavourably about you or not!  


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