New Updates on Blizzard's Latest Mobile Game

It's going to be based on the Warcraft franchise.

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New Updates on Blizzard's Latest Mobile Game

A little while ago, the mobile gaming world was set abuzz with small rumours that Blizzard was working on a new mobile game based on their 'hiring' page, where they were looking for game programmers. As of now there are no official announcements, but we continue to get slivers of information.

The latest bit of news we received is that the new mobile game will be set in the World of Warcraft universe. Once again, this bit of information comes from Blizzards job openings page, where they clearly state that they're looking for an FX artist with a 'Passion for creating imagery synonymous with Warcraft IP'.

The job announcement also makes it clear that the project is 'unannounced', which means it's still quite speculative and nobody knows the game concept or story line is. 

Blizzard is well known for card based mobile games like Hearthstone, which works using the Unity game engine. Coincidentally, the job posting also requires the new FX artist to be able to work in the Unity engine, as well as be able to use Photoshop and Maya.

Whichever person gets this job, we wish him or her the very best, and will have to keep patiently waiting for titbits of information from Blizzard.

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