Newest Pokemon Mobile Game Announced: Pokeland!

Based on the Pokemon Rumble series.

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Newest Pokemon Mobile Game Announced: Pokeland!

A new Pokemon franchise game has just been announced, and it's going to be called Pokeland. This time, it's a fighting style game based on the very successful Pokemon Rumble series that was previously developed for WiiWare back in 2009. 

via MyNintendoNews

Right now, Pokeland is still at the alpha testing phase and if you're in Japan and have an Android phone, you can sign up as an alpha tester but spaces are limited to only the first 10,000 testers. After this, amendments will have to be made but very soon after beta testing is over, Pokeland will probably see either a soft launch or a straight to the international public launch.

Pokeland's developers have stated that it's going to be a team fighting game, where you control a group made up of several Pokemon toys who are self-aware and you travel around several maps and battle other Pokemon teams. If you get to defeat any Pokemon, you can try befriending them and adding them to your team. 

via MyNintendoNews

While waiting for this game to be fully released, fans can still stay occupied by playing Magicarp Jump, which will no doubt be a handful until Pokeland comes along. So far no international release dates or soft launch dates have been announced.


Cover image via MyNintendoNews


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