Nintendo Announces Release of 'Animal Crossing' for Mobile

The mobile game that's a long time coming.

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Nintendo Announces Release of 'Animal Crossing' for Mobile

Nintendo has finally brought Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to mobile after putting it on the shelf since 2016 as Nintendo prioritized  the release of Fire Emblem Heroes. However, the good news is that Animal Crossing will now be released officially in November 2017.

For now Animal Crossing has opened for pre-registration at their official website. For those who aren't familiar with this title, it's a lifestyle simulation game, just like 'The Sims' .

However, rather than humans, this game features a variety of cute animals that live with each other along a street. Animal Crossing has a series of games that are playable on consoles like Nintendo Switch and 3DS but this is the first title for mobile.

Trailers and game previews are extremely exciting, and gives us a glimpse of what to expect, including being able to craft furniture and amenities, personalizing your own campsite, helping other animals along the way and hosting other animals at your campsite.

The game will officially be out at the end of November for both iOS and Android, so that's not long to wait now.

Cover image via TechCrunch

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