Nominations for the 2018 Mobile Game Awards are Now Open!

Nominate your own company or lobby for another developer.

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Nominations for the 2018 Mobile Game Awards are Now Open!

The annual Mobile Games Awards will take place on the second night of the 2018 Pocket Gamers Connect, London which falls on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018. This awards show will recognize the best game developers and publishers in the industry.

A total of fifteen awards will be given out, including Pocket Gamer's Peoples' Choice Award, Best Marketing Campain, Best Publisher, Best Indie Developer and the highest award, which is Game of the Year.

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The nomination and lobbying phase is now open, and will stay open until November 6th 2017, which is when all nominees will be screened and judged. 

If you're a game developer or publisher, you can peruse the basic requirements for each award and see if your team qualifies for that award. If you do qualify, you can nominate yourself in as many categories as possible at the official Mobile Game Awards website (

If you're a big fan of a certain mobile game, you can always nominate your favourite studio, provided you have the necessary information to fill out the nomination forms.

Alternatively, you can contact your favourite studios via e-mail or social media and let them know about the awards, so that they can nominate themselves. 

Hurry as the deadline is coming soon. You would definitely want to see your favourite game studios' names in the limelight, getting the recognition they deserve.

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