Nora Quick Review: Relaxing Piano Game

A piano game. It's exactly what it says on the tin.

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Nora Quick Review: Relaxing Piano Game

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Score: 7/10


  • Multiple instruments.
  • Simple gameplay, you can tap anywhere on the screen.
  • The only tones in the game are the ones you play.
  • A lot of musical tracks
  • A pure music game


  • Takes a small amount of double play to unlock new stages
  • Digital keys is real money purchasable only.

Each stages has about 10 songs in them.

The gameplay is simple, you tap on the screen when it reaches the line, and you use two/three/four fingers to tap when you see yellow, green and purple orb in a row.

Should you fail to tap an orb, the game will slow to a crawl until you hit that note. You are the musician, there won't be any music if you do not tap. It does feel odd when you play on hard, and the music sounds off because you played a note late.

That said, the music in the game mainly consists of classic pieces. They are enjoyable enough.


Pure and simple, piano tracks, easy enjoyable gameplay. A solid 7/10. A shame that it bugs out on screen recording and emulation.

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