NTales: Child of Destiny is Trending on Google Play

In just a few weeks of release.

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NTales: Child of Destiny is Trending on Google Play

2D RPG NTales: Child of Destiny has done very well on Google Play and is currently on the trending list. It was made by OnPlay Corp, and was only released on October 4th for the Southeast Asian and Australian markets.

This game follows the titular Child of Destiny, who must prevent the evil Dr. Deff from bringing chaos to the Kingdom of Lancia. There are also plenty of side quests involving over 200 maps and various monsters to explore.

NTales stands out among the many RPG games available as it's a 2D game in a season where 3D RPG games are making it big. 

The game has received a lot of positive feedback, making it one of the 'go to' games in the SEA and Australian region for the month of October 2017.

Cover image via Ntales Facebook

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