NTales: Child of Destiny Review - 2D MMORPG

Score: 7/10

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NTales: Child of Destiny Review - 2D MMORPG

Score: 7/10


  • Knockback animations give combat a powerful feel
  • Auto quest
  • Convenience options
  • Pets as combat teammates
  • Equipment changes character looks
  • Good sound effect and background music


  • Gacha for most powerful equipment and pets
  • Unable to choose character looks
  • Google translate English
  • Menu pauses combat
  • Portrait art does not have smooth animation

NTales: Child of Destiny is an interesting game. It appeals to the cute crowd with chibi sized sprites and cute pets. It appeals to the cool crowd by having a genius scientist as the main villain. It appeals to the fantasy crowd with beautifully drawn detailed backgrounds. It appeals to everyone with gameplay that feels great, auto combat and tons of convenient UI design. It even has a necromancer class, an odd inclusion in a bright fantasy game like this. Combine all of this together and you get a strangely appealing MMORPG for mobile.

The monetization in the game provides players with convenience items such as fast travel, instant revives and gacha boxes. Gacha boxes will provide player with equipment or pets. While equipment can be obtained in game, pets can only be obtained by the boxes. It's sadly, quite a heavy pay to win model in terms of PvP as stats are not normalized.

There are a lot of odd design choices in the game. Firstly, the only way to obtain skill points is to dismantle equipment. The core gameplay loop appears to be to grind for equipment, dismantle them, and level up your skills. Leveling up does not provide skill points, but instead gives stat points that players can freely assign to their characters, a rare feature in most MMORPGs. The UI allows you to hotkey one use item in combat, but the most optimal way to use items is to head to the menu, as battles are paused when you do so. The words "development build" floats at the bottom right of the screen, though "beta build" would have been clearer. Early on, players get a preview of the skills their class will get in the future, but as they are tossed straight into combat, they can't slowly use the skills properly and understand what they do. The main villain design looks amazing and you want to play him, but you can't because his class doesn't exist. A very noticeable flaw is how all character animations have many frames cut from them, making it feel as if your game is lagging. 

And yet, even after all that, it's still great fun to watch as enemies are sent flying back via your skills or normal combo attack. The small chibi sprites grow on you, and soon you'll be comfortable with how everything looks. Your pets grow in levels as you do, and you just wish to grind to gain more equipment so that you can level your skills. The game and gameplay has charm, and it's understandable just why the game is so popular, even with all it's flaws.You play to discover all the easter eggs in the game such as time travel shenanigans, birds with number dialogue boxes and CEO as enemies.

In conclusion, NTales: Child of Destiny is a 2d action MMO that's very different from what's currently available. If the gameplay and cuteness appeals to you, then you won't regret giving the game a try.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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