'Ocmo' Swings into Mobiles

Play as an adorable tentacled monster.

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'Ocmo' Swings into Mobiles

Finnish studio Team Ocmo has released the launch trailer for their debut game 'Ocmo'. The main character is a multi-legged black creature that resembles either a spider or an octopus. Your job is to guide the cute little tentacled creature across various terrain.

via Team Ocmo

Little Ocmo's tentacles can swing an attach itself to various surfaces in order to propel itself forward or upward. Along the way, you may encounter some delicious creature which Ocmo will consume with gusto.

The game requires you to combine walking, jumping and swinging movements to create a momentum of constant movement. The angle that you propel Ocmo will greatly affect the path it takes.

Ocmo has actually been made available in Team Ocmo's home of Finland, but the rest of the English speaking world will get to access the game by November 16th. However, those in China, Japan and Korea will get a version of the game in their own mother tongue somewhere down the line.

Cover image via Team Ocmo

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