One Finger Death Punch in GIFs

Beat up stick figures with only two fingers.

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One Finger Death Punch in GIFs


1) Power Smash

Power smash is a special animation that plays randomly when you attack an enemy. When it happens, the game slows down for a split second as a shock wave spread through the screen. 

2) Weapon Play

From bows to daggers to swords, maces and spears, players can grab and utilize these weapons to extend their range, and sometimes, the above animation plays. The pause is a welcome breather, and players are able to grab the spear again after the animation plays.

3) Boss Battles

Gif via Youtube

This isn't a button mashing game. There are frantic moments, but within that frantic style is a gameplay that supports brief pauses for players to admire the animation, poses and streaks of light these fights produce.

4) Having multiple Kung Fu styles

Gif Images via Wikia

A master is one whom has perfected something. Knowing only one style in any study will not qualify you to be called a master. Naturally, there are multiple fighting styles in the game.

5) X Ray attacks

Gif image via Youtube

Giving players a brief pause while the game goes into slow mo, and the screen zooms in so that you can see what damage is being done by the strike.

Cover Image and Gif Images via Youtube

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