Our 5 Favourite Role Playing Games for Mobile

It's all about completing quests and going on adventures.

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Our 5 Favourite Role Playing Games for Mobile

RPGs are a genre of games that have been around for a long time, even before video games were ever invented. However, with the advent of computers and smartphones, they have now multiplied and there seems to be an RPG available to play at every nook and cranny.

The problem is, where do you even start? Well, here are five mobile RPGs you can try out to see which ones suit you best:

Fire Emblem Heroes

This free-to-play mobile game from Nintendo is a gatcha RPG, which means that your aim in the game is to collect more heroes. The gameplay involves turn based strategy, so you'll have to pitch your best against the other team in battles.

Inotia 4 : Assassins of Berkel

The Inotia franchise has four games in total, and is one of the oldest RPG series available for mobile. Your characters are free to move around and battle enemies, just like classic RPG video games.

Knights of Pen and Paper

While many other fantasy based RPGs are dark and sombre, this cheerful looking game come with retro looking graphics and a very happy atmospheric music and turn based gameplay.


Unlike many Japanese based RPG, the artistry and feel of this game is distinctly different. Here you play as Sasha, a girl who has to navigate the netherworld in search of her family.


7 Mages

7 Mages is truly a feast for the eyes, with high quality graphics and gameplay fit for a sweeping fantasy novel. Here, you lead a team of 7 mages to protect a magical island against numerous enemies.


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