Our Favourite Anime Cats That Are Unforgettable

Meowing their way into your hearts.

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Our Favourite Anime Cats That Are Unforgettable

Cats are cute, and they often play important sidekick characters in many anime series. They're often friends of the protagonists, and some cats are even teachers and mentors. These cats often melt our hearts with their wit and comedic timing.

1. Kamineko (Azumanga Daioh)

This adorable neighbourhood cat looks completely innocent, and Sakaki loves to pet it. This often ends up badly as Kamineko will bite her hand with its bear-trap like teeth.

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2. Nyanko Sensei (Natsume Yuujinchou)

Nyanko Sensei, whose real name is Madara isn't just a cat, but a Yokai spirit that can change his shape. However, his favourite form is that of a Maneki Neko, or good luck cat. Nyanko Sensei is there as a mentor to Natsume as he goes around releasing spirits from the contracts they made with his grandmother.

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3. Happy (Fairy Tail)

Happy isn't actually a cat, but a creature called an Exceed. However he has enough cat traits to be included in this list. He's blue and often joins the four main characters of their quests. He has even been known to single handedly save the day.

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4. Sakamoto (Nichijou)

Sakamoto is a black cat with a very distinctive red scarf. He was rescued by the young scientist Hakase who invented the red scarf that has given Sakamoto the ability to speak and now he lives with Hakase and Nano Shinonome the robot girl. He's 20 years old in cat years and often asserts his authority at home because he's 'older'.

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5. President Aria Pokoteng (Aria)

The president of the Aria water guide company, President Aria has named his company after himself and therefore has the whole series named after himself too. Despite being a cat, he has found himself in a managerial position.

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