Our Picks For The Top 5 English Otome Games Out There

Chart your own romantic path.

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Our Picks For The Top 5 English Otome Games Out There

If this is your first time hearing about Otome games, fret not. The term refers to a genre of games developed specifically for young women, and more often that not, has a romantic setting.

The concept of Otome games originated in Japan, and it is a story based game where players are introduced to a host of attractive male characters, and can make decisions in the game whereby the end goal is to end up with one of the characters. Otome games are available on all sorts of platforms, from handheld gadgets to PC and smartphones.

Here are 5 Otome games that have been developed or translated into English and are available as mobile apps (both Android and iOS):

1) Hakuoki: Memories of Shinsengumi

Immerse yourself in Edo era Japan, where you play a young girl names Chizuru Yukimura. At the beginning of the game, you are saved from a mysterious attacker by 6 young men belonging to the Shinsengumi, a group of warriors that protect Kyoto. From then on, you embark on an adventure filled with romance and mystery.


2) Midnight Cinderella

In Midnight Cinderella, you play a humble school teacher who has suddenly been chosen as the princess of the country. As you enter royal palace life, you meet several interesting and handsome noblemen. All equally tall, dark and handsome, and all wanting to sweep you off your feet.


3) Shall We Date? Wall of Prayers

This tale of forbidden romance starts off with you, the protagonist, being chosen as a Prayer Maiden, whose duty is to battle monsters with magical gems in order to protect your village. You're assigned a handsome and charismatic knight as a protector. But there's one catch; you're both not allowed to fall in love.


4) Amnesia: Memories

A spider web of lost memories greet you as you awake from your sleep and find that you can't remember who you are, and have lost every shred of memory. As you try to recall your past, several men enter the picture and complicate things.


5) Mystic Messenger

One of the Otome games not to be missed from Korean company Cheritz. In this game, you download a mysterious chat app, and are invited to join a chat room full of good looking guys, all of whom seem very interested in you. Mystic Messenger is probably the best selling game for 2016, and has spawned hundreds of thousands of fans.

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