Pianista Review - Classical Rhythm Game

Score: 5/10

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Pianista Review - Classical Rhythm Game

Score: 5/10


  • Many classical pieces to play
  • Music are properly categorized in collection


  • Stamina limit, each play requires a stamina
  • 1 stamina refills every 30 minutes or by watching one ad.
  • Unable to slow down notes
  • UI in the middle of the screen blocks notes

Pianista is a rhythm game that features the cheapest music obtainable, classical music. While it does a great job in portraying which composer played which song, most of the game is locked by progression, and progression is hindered by having a stamina system. Worst still, there are multiple piano skins in the game, each with their own levels that can be upgraded, and having their own individual payout rate on songs.

Pianista does deliver gameplay wise, as notes are responsive and the game is quite forgiving in timing. However, missing a note results in a loud and jarring piano crash, which ruins the music. There is no option to turn this off. In conclusion, Pianist is a playable rhythm game, but it is not as good as other rhythm games such as Deemo or Ride Zero.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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